PEW MAKES A STARTLING DISCOVERY ABOUT POPULISMWhat would we do without polling organisations?

Nationalist populism has become a major force in European politics. But while such populism has long been thought to have its roots in economic anxiety, a new analysis of Pew Research Center survey data suggests there are additional factors at play.

Good God, you don’t say, Pew?

While the Pew polling in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden suggests that supporters of populist political parties are a tad more pessimistic about their national economies than those who have unfavourable views of such parties, the real big gap appears to be in social and cultural views. For example, populists are much more nostalgic about the past, more confident about the superiority of their culture (while acknowledging it’s not perfect), and more concerned about the compatibility of Islam with their native culture and values.

In other words, Pew has just discovered that populist are populists.