“MEDIATE” MY ASS – Victorian police has sent the organisers of the Lauren Southern speaking tour a bill for $68,000 “for the use of police resources”, or, to translate it into a normal language, to protect Southern and the audience from being assaulted and the event shut down by the far-left, “antifa” protesters. Now the police are whinging too:

“It is disappointing that we had to use significant resources to mediate between two groups with opposing views,” said Commander Tim Hansen. “Their actions put their lives, the lives of the public and the lives of police officers at risk.”

Ex-f***ing-cuse me? On the one side you have a group of people who have peacefully assembled at a private venue to hear a public speaker. They have not broken any laws and are simply exercising their democratic and constitutional rights. On the other side you have hundreds of thugs who, but the presence of the riot police, would have happily used violence against law-abiding citizens. But you’re “mediating” between these two groups, between whom you have drawn moral equivalence?

What’s next? Victorian police to mediate between home-owners and burglars? Or will you start charging women who wear short skirts “for the use of police resources” to protect them from rape (“…their wardrobe choices put them at risk…”)? Is Commander Hansen also unhappy and disappointed that the police have to use significant resources to mediate between groups with opposing values, like the taxpayers of Victoria and the African youth gangs?

Not that I should have to, but let me mention that I don’t care about Lauren Southern, her message and her style. But freedom of speech, contrary to the left, does not apply only to those whom we like and with whom we agree. What Southern is doing perfectly legal, and if the Victorian police now finds protecting legal behaviour from illegal behaviour too tiresome and inconvenient that’s tough. And the fact that it can’t tell the difference is outrageous as well.