“PERHAPS EVEN MORE UNSETTLING” – Australian legend Barry Humphries gave an interview recently where he had some unkind things to say about transgenderism. This is a big no-no nowadays, of course. In fact, it’s difficult to think of a greater faux-pas against the gods of love and tolerance. But “Staff Writers” at News.com.au sure can:

But perhaps even more unsettling is Humphries’ pro-Trump comments.

Imagine that – Trump is not some bloodthirsty dictator who killed millions of people but a democratically elected president of arguably the most important country in the world (and Australia’s closest ally). Over 60 million Americans voted for him. But it’s unsettling that a famous person might support him.

So what are these unsettling comments?

When asked about whether or not his character of Sir Les Patterson — a boorish and sexist, pussy-grabbing politician — has any connection to Donald Trump, Humphries says, “I’m grateful to Trump for stirring up politics. And I won’t be joining any marches against him.”

Trump is a shaker and a stirrer and Humphries won’t be joining with the left is protesting against him. Hardly a ringing or enthusiastic endorsement. But in the Manichean world inhabited by Staff Writers, if you’re not with us you’re against us. I’m unsettled about it; are you?