IT’S OK TO OKWe’re all white supremacists:

Labor has called on Malcolm Turnbull to launch an inquiry into “extremist behaviour” in the Liberal National Party after members of its youth branch were pictured giving an “OK” hand gesture, which can be associated with white supremacist movements.

A group of Young LNP members were photographed alongside LNP senator James McGrath this month while campaigning in Longman, with some making the “OK” sign. The photo also was tweeted by Senator McGrath but later taken down.However, it had not been removed from the Young LNP Facebook page by deadline last night.LNP sources said Senator McGrath’s post was deleted because the photo contained a corflute with a message the party had not yet decided to use and did not want released. The hand ­gesture had not been noticed.The three fingers in the air are said to make a “W” while the sign turned upside down creates a “P”, for white power.

“Can be associated”. As the Anti-Defamation League writes on its blog, the whole “OK as a white power sign” is a piece of trolling by 4chan users at the expense of the gullible media and the left (but I repeat myself) that happened in 2017 (“Operation O-KKK”). Lifehacker, meanwhile, argues that the 4chan hoax is an ex post facto rationalisation for an existing trend because “Some time around 2015, the OK sign became popular among Trump supporters… At some point, a lot of people started identifying the OK symbol as a white power symbol.” This is a bullshit argument because it relies on the left’s favourite generalisation that Trump supporters are white supremacists, and on making assumptions about what the gesture represented to these Trump supporters. Occam’s razor would suggest to me that they were actually imitating Trump, who has often used that gesture during his public speeches, and not even to signal “OK” but to underline a particular point he was making at the time. Now, of course, post-4chan the gesture might well be used ironically by the right to take a piss out of the left. Or it can simply mean “OK”, as it has for a very long time. As they say, if you can hear a dog whistle, you’re most likely a dog.