NUDE SUNBATHERS STUNNED BY A MIGRANT INVASIONThis is pretty much the contemporary Europe in a nutshell:

This is the dramatic moment dozens of migrants stormed a Spanish holiday beach popular with Brits today – leaving naked sunbathers stunned.

The migrants landed on the shore of Del Canuelo beach on the Costa del Sol in a huge dinghy before charging across the sand.

Nude sunbathers watched in confusion as the group of more than 30 migrants sprinted into a surrounding forest to evade the pursuing Spanish border guards.

The migrants had just crossed the strait of Gibraltar having sailed from the coast of Morocco.

Their arrival came as the mayor of the nearby port of Algeciras warned that his town, Tarifa, is at the centre of a “new migrant crisis” after 1,000 arrivals flooded it last week.

José Ignacio Landaluce warned his town risked becoming “the new Lampedusa”, referring to an Italian island which has been overrun with migrants.

As the story reminds us, “Yesterday, 600 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa strormed a double border fence at Ceuta, with some throwing excrement or quicklime at security forces to force their way in.” Ceuta is a tiny Spanish enclave on the African coast, frequently used by migrants as the entrepot into Europe, prompting some to suggest that Spain would be better off giving away this one last vestige of colonialism. With the wide availability of dinghies and boast, however, the Mediterranean is not proving to be much of an obstacle for Africa’s teeming masses.