ILLIBERAL EUROPE – Dear European elites, thanks to your hard work over the past several decades shafting the plebs, you have made liberalism a dirty word in many parts of the continent and for that I hate you:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, emboldened by the surge of right-wing parties across Europe, called for a united front by “illiberal” forces to win control in next year’s European Parliament elections.

Having solidified his rule at home in the past eight years and reelected in April, Orban set his sights on wider dominance for his version of “Christian democracy,” that he sees opposed with multiculturalism and liberal values.”There’s a general shift toward the right in the whole of Europe,” Orban told an ethnic Hungarian audience in Baile Tusnad, Romania, on Saturday, citing votes in Italy and Austria. “We must focus all our attention on the European elections of 2019. It’s high time the European elections were about one serious common theme, immigration.”

You’ve created this; I hope you’re happy.