I’ve got 99 gender pronouns but a bitch ain’t one


(With apologies to former President Obama’s favourite rapper Jay-Z) The Victorian government, having solved all the important issues, like the breakdown of law and order, is now focusing on the matters that the voters (the correct pronoun is indeed “they”) care about:

Victorian government staff are being asked to avoid using “gendered” language and instead use pronouns such as “they” or “them”.The Department of Health and Human Services is promoting the first Wednesday of every month as “They Day”, The Australian reports.“Non-­binary identities are just as valid as binary gender identities,” an email sent to the department’s 10,000 staff said. “Names don’t always correspond to a person’s gender. There may be a gap between a person’s gender identity and your perception of the person. Saying ‘they’ is more flowing and inclusive than saying ‘he’ or ‘she’.”They Day is an initiative of the department’s Pride Network. The Australian reported other Victorian government departments will consider adopting They Day, while DHHS will possibly label bathroom facilities to meet specific needs of non-binary, gender-fluid, transgender or intersex employees.

Considering that an overwhelming majority of Victorians (the state residents, not the people of the era, where the figure would be 100%) consider themselves either male or female, one is tempted to say that never in the field of the political conflict was so much done by the few for the sake of very few.  To quote Napoleon this time, who inverted an old legal maxim, it’s better that a 100 innocent people are punished than one guilty one walks free. And so, in Victoria 10,000 hes and shes will be addressed as they lest one non-he-she person gets offended.