Your party is full of conspiracy nuts, shout people who lionise socialists


Apparently a new menace is stalking the Trump base – though since the media-political complex considers all of them buck-toothed racist white trash, how much worse can it be?

Celebrity followers, a shadowy leader and an obsession with cryptic clues to a bizarre mix of international government conspiracies.

This is QAnon: a niche, right-wing cult that has emerged from the recesses of the internet and is now packing out Donald Trump’s rallies.

Journalists who knew of the group were alarmed to see the number of placards and T-shirts emblazoned with the letter “Q” visible in the raucous crowd cheering the US President in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday.

“We are Q,” read one sign.

“Where we go one we go all,” said another.

QAnon is apparently a conspiracy minded network of people who believe in #Pizzagate and generally that there is a dark cabal of pedophiles in Democrat-dominated high places. It’s bullshit, like all the old-style Illuminati/Freemason/Rothschild/New World Order ravings, “old style” being the key words: while a pedophile ring run out of a pizza joint might be a new twist to the tale, these sorts of conspiracy memes have been in circulation for centuries now. As always, they are restricted to a small fringe, which thanks to the magic of the internet and the social media is now more visible than it was 50 or a 100 years ago. Meanwhile, while the left hyperventilates  about a few QAnon t-shirts, the biggest and the brightest star in the Democrat firmament at the moment is a proud Millennial socialist. I know which set of beliefs I find more disturbing and dangerous, particularly considering their respective reach and influence in the current climate.