Go West, young Waleed, go West


There is no African gang violence problem in Melbourne. I repeat, there is no African gang violence problem in Melbourne:

Residents have told of their terror as up to 100 rampaging youths charged through the streets of Taylors Hill last night, hurling rocks and smashing a police car window as they bragged that police couldn’t touch them.



The Herald Sun witnessed dozens of heavily armed riot and plain-clothed police, who blocked off main roads and diverted traffic in Taylors Hill and Caroline Springs and told locals not to leave their houses.



In one video, the dog squad can be seen corralling a group of youths, who scream and shout as they flee down the road.



David Driscoll said he and his two daughters locked themselves inside as a large group of African youths “ran around the streets screaming” in frightening scenes in Melbourne’s northwest last night.



“They were screaming, ‘the police can’t touch us, they can’t do anything,’” he said.

No arrests have been made, probably because they would have been pointless.

A few weeks ago, Australia’s number 1 nailing specialist, Waleed Aly, editorialised:

“What’s interesting is I have lived in Melbourne and the only place I have heard concerns about Sudanese gangs is on talkback radio where the PM made those comments,” Aly said on Thursday night.


Aly joked that he had also started to get “concerned” about African gangs, “mainly because I am of African heritage. If there really are a bunch of African gangs, frankly I am offended to not have at least been joined to join one”.

Waleed lives in Richmond, so for his benefit here are some handy instructions how to find one of the places which might have some concerns about Sudanese gangs:


Taylors Hill is about 15 km north-north-east of the state seat of Tarneit, where earlier this year, 62.1 per cent of residents told the pollsters that they are more afraid now to go out at night because of the gang violence.

So Waleed, go west, young man. And instead of joking and pretending there is no problem, you could use your award-winning journalistic skills to find out what went wrong in Victoria and what went right in New South Wales and Queensland, which don’t have these sorts of problems with African migrant youth.

P.S. I stand corrected and chastised – “Victoria Police have defended not arresting any of the dozens of youths of African appearance who set upon officers last, hurled rocks at their cars and smashing a windscreen, saying it was a short term tactical decision.” Now awaiting the long term tactical decision.