Nothing new under the sun


It’s hard to be original in a world where everything has seemingly been tried and done before. Photography is no exception.

Case in point – insta_repeat account on Instagram, which makes you realise just how cliched travel photography has become. This is no doubt in part because thanks to social media and cheap travel, it’s no longer the domain of professionals working for “National Geographic”; nowadays everyone and their phone (or an SLR camera if really hardcore) are in the business, some as amateurs, others as semi-professional travel bloggers and “influencers”. The other part of the equation is that with thousands of other accounts at your fingertips for inspiration, certain basic set-ups become virally popular, though you never realise how popular until it’s all right in front of your eyes thanks to insta_repeat. Just when you thought that you must have been the only one to copy (or “be inspired”) by that cool photo you saw by this guy you follow…

Of course, thanks to similar factors, one could produce endless collages on just about any topic, including food and fashion. And if you are after cliched and unoriginal don’t even start on pornography.

While you’re at it, why don’t you follow my Instagram account here. No cliches there. Meanwhile, below a selection of some of the great work by insta_repeat:

insta1 insta2 insta3 insta4 insta5 insta6 insta7 insta8