No Jews Allowed


Some tight policing of the borders by an alert member of parliament:

The first Muslim MP in the NSW parliament has sparked a row overnight, refusing entry to a respected Jewish leader to a Labor Party multicultural launch.

Upper House MP Shaoquett Moselmane refused entry to Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff at the launch of the Labor Union Multicultural Action Committee launch last night saying, according to Mr Alhadeff, that he was not a Labor Party member before offering him a baklava on the way out.

The baklava was declined.

Mr Alhadeff had had an invitation to the Sussex Street event by Labor General secretary Kaila Murnain and Unions NSW chief Mark Morey.

But his invitation only came after Mr Alhadeff had questioned why Mr Moselmane had not invited him in the first place.

Moselmane says that Alhadeff was not allowed in because it was a member-only function and Alhadeff is not.

As “The Australian” remind us, “Mr Moselmane sparked outrage in 2013 when he gave a speech in parliament comparing resistance to the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon with that against Nazi Germany.”

Then there was this recent event: “A NSW Labor MP has come under fire over an extraordinary speech promoting China which an academic claims is “propaganda from Beijing” — in which he says the existing world order “favours” the West and China will demand a change.” One of the quotes from the speech:

[China] needs greater control of the global media which it plans. Global media and the engine of social media are in the hands of China’s opponents. The Arab Spring has seen the power of Western propaganda satellites in manipulating and misinforming the public leading the Arab world to chaos and the result has been death and destruction. Today China has been able to block that intrusion into China’s internal affairs.

China is currently interning possibly around one million – or one in ten – of its Muslim Uighur population in “reeducation camps”, all to a deafening silence of the international Muslim community. Moselmane probably applauds the way the Chinese authorities are cracking down on reporting from the Xinjiang province. It seems any enemy of the West is my friend.

Jews are Nazis and communist China are the good guys – Moslemane sound like a great guy.