The 1st Amendment Freedom of Leak


It’s a fact little remarked upon that in 1976 one current and one future leader of their nation’s top intelligence agency both voted communist: KGB’s Yuri Andropov in the Soviet Politburo and CIA’s future director John O Brennan in the US presidential election.

Politics in America must be very forgiving indeed if an idiot with such a bad judgment as to vote communist during what the former Democrat Senator and UN ambassador Patrick Moynihan called one of the most dangerous periods of the Cold War for the free world is “forgiven and forgotten” enough to run the CIA for four years. Brennan, of course, had the democratic right to vote for whoever he wanted; everyone else has the right to question his competency, both mental and moral.

Now the ex-director, following Trump’s presidential victory, Brennan has been a voracious critic of Donald. So much so that his security clearance has now been revoked on the President’s orders. In case you’re wondering why former and retired government officials need a continuous access to the nation’s most classified secrets, I don’t know either.

Needless to say, Brennan has taken to social and mainstream media to protest the efforts to silence him and deny him his constitutional rights, prompting my request for clarification:


On his Twitter account Brennan describes himself as a “Nonpartisan American who is very concerned about our collective future”. I’m very concerned that this former senior government official could have gone through decades of public life not understanding what freedom of speech actually is.

I’m not expecting a reply, but it’s not because I fear Brennan’s speech will be completely suppressed. I’m just not that important at all.