Satan skips Victoria, goes to Arkansas


A little coastal town in Victoria manages to escape with all its residents and guests unharmed:

 A festival in a small coastal town in Victoria sparked rumours that a bizarre sacrifice was planned to ward off the demons of winter — but only when the ritual was in full swing did locals discover the truth.
This is the second year the Winter Wild festival has run at Apollo Bay in the state’s southwest and it gained a lot of attention after spruiking a “sacrifice” as one of the event’s attractions.
The murky details of what the sacrifice would actually involve led to rumours that an animal – or even a child – was going to be offered up as a tribute…
“Everything has its price. As long as anyone can remember, the people of Apollo Bay have paid an annual tribute. In the depths of winter, when souls are battered and spirits are at their lowest ebb, a sacrifice is made,” the festival’s website read.
“It is to ward off Winter’s worst and speed the arrival of Spring. This year the sacrifice will be a big one; a dear one.”
“It was built up like it was going to be a real sacrifice and I think we scared a few people away because of it,” festival director Roderick Poole told
The procession led to a huge statue of a grim reaper that had been built for the event and in the performance the town confronted the looming figure.
“The grim reaper wanted the little girl as a sacrifice but the child tricked him and he was the one that was set on fire,” Mr Poole explained.

Not so lucky the residents of Little Rock:

Nearly four months after crews reinstalled the Ten Commandments monument on state capitol grounds, the Satanic Temple came back Thursday with a statue of its own.

The group’s “Rally for the First Amendment” brought together Satanists, Christians, even the KKK as a flatbed truck wheeled the Baphomet monument to the capitol steps to chants of “Hail Satan!”

While some were there to protest, different beliefs mostly came with a unified message: all or none. They argue if the Ten Commandments stand on capitol grounds, their religious statues should, too.

“This is not a protest against the Ten Commandments,” Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, told the crowd. “This is not a protest of Satanists against Christians. This is not a protest of secularists against believers. This is a rally for reason in the face of prejudice.”

They saved Bill Clinton, they will survive Satan.

Baphomet, by the way, is “fake Satan”, having emerged from the tortured confessions of Knights Templars during the order’s suppression in 1307 as the name of the figure the supposedly heretical knights were supposedly worshipping instead of Christ. It’s uncertain what Baphomet actually was, what he looked like, and even what the name signified, though some sources suspect a corruption of the name Mohammed. What is almost certain, however, is that Baphomet did not exist except as part of a manufactured case against the Templars by the French king Phillip the Fair who subsequently confiscated the order’s considerable wealth. Clearly, Baphomet continues to live in the imaginations of both the “da Vinci code” historical conspiracies crowd as well as the assorted Satanists, who have adopted him, without much evidence, as another face of the lord of darkness.