Germany unprepared for alien landing


It’s good to know that the Greens politicians everywhere around the world like to pursue issues of keen interest to the voters:

The German government says it has made no preparations for the possibility that aliens might land in the European country.

In a response to questions from opposition Green Party lawmaker Dieter Janecek, the government said “there are no protocols or plans for a possible first contact with alien life.”

Justifying that stance, the government added it believes “a first contact on German territory is extremely unlikely, based on today’s scientific knowledge.”

To be fair, Germany was equally unprepared for the other “alien invasion”, the influx of millions of immigrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa over the past few years, but it hardly stopped the government. One point four million asylum seekers have arrived in Germany since 2014. Every fifth person in Germany today is of immigrant background, and every fourth child born is of an immigrant mother. In Berlin, in 43 per cent of primary schools the majority of children speak little or no German at home. If Chancellor Merkel can have an open door immigration policy she can no doubt manage to have an open door alien life policy; Germany will muddle through.

The fact that the German government considers alien landing in Germany to be “extremely unlikely” would suggest that space aliens are assumed not to be travelling across the aeons in search of a generous welfare safety net or better economic opportunities. This is even so landing in Germany would guarantee the extraterrestrials freedom of movement to other European Union member states, which, combined with the excellent transport linkages to neighbouring countries, makes Germany a very attractive destination for the first stop on Earth.