No nice sentiment shall go unmocked


Australia has got a new Prime Minister as of Friday, sixth in ten years (yes, we have become a bit like Italy used to be, but with better standard of living and less corruption). On this occasion, President Trump, ever the social media diplomat, welcomed the new Aussie leader with a tweet earlier today:

So far so nice, but read most of the comments and they fall roughly in two categories: 1) hey, what about (seriously) Canada and the UK being the best buddies or (facetiously) Russia? and 2) you are a poo-poo-head and everyone in Australia hates you.

People, people… Can’t you just for a moment stop with politics? This is about a multi-faceted relationship and friendship between two countries and two peoples who share a lot with each other, including language (for the most part). Scott Morrison and Donald Trump might be the current leaders, but this has nothing to do with it; both America and Australia are much bigger than their politicians. Prime Ministers and Presidents come and go but the ties remain.

As most of my readers have the right leanings, ask yourself this: go back in time a few years and think about a tweet or a more formal message of congratulations that President Obama would have sent to Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd becoming Prime Ministers. Can you imagine yourself even for a second burning with a desire to comment about how much you hate either or both leaders in question? I hope you don’t, and I certainly don’t either. It’s juvenile and pointless, and all it reveals is one’s obsessiveness and small-mindedness.

Resist the temptation to, like a dog, piss on every post to mark your territory, regardless of whether it needs it or not.