Suffer little children for climate change


F*** the children, this time metaphorically, explains an American Cardinal:

On Monday, Cardinal Blase Cupich responded to a scathing letter by former top church official in a controversy that has the so-called whistle-blower calling for the pope’s resignation.

Carlo Maria Vigano penned a letter leveling substantial accusations against top Catholic leaders. His criticism begins with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick – and accusations he sexually abused seminarians for decades. Vigano said Pope Benedict sanctioned McCarrick, Pope Francis knew about it, and that Vigano personally told him but the Holy Father ignored his claims.

The pope said only, “I will not say a single word about this.” He called on journalists to make their conclusions and said “It’s an act of trust.”

“The pope knows we have a bigger agenda. We have to speak about the environment, about the poor, we have to reach out to people who are marginalized in society. We cannot be distracted at this moment,” Cupich said.

Yes, you are reading this correctly – the Pope and the Church can’t get distracted by the widespread sexual abuse of children by priests and decades of cover-up by church officials who continue to occupy positions of responsibility in the Church hierarchy because the Pope has a “bigger agenda”. He needs to save the world, you see, and save it not in the actual religious sense a la Christ, but in a very much a secular one by rooting for the environment, refugees, the oppressed.

Maybe if climate change sodomised refugee boys at the vicarage, Cardinal Blase (in name and in response) and His Holiness would be stirred into action.

The problem with this sorts of approach is that it confuses the mission of the Church. There are countless international, national and local institutions, groups, parties and organisations that agitate and work for the cause of the environment, the poor and the marginalised. Without wanting to sound blase myself, in Jesus’s own words, the poor you will always have with you, thought thanks to the power of capitalism and free trade, we have in relative terms fewer poor people in the world than at any previous time in human history and their number continues to sharply decline.  More to the point, there are plenty of people to fight for polar bears, but if not the Church itself then who will fight and work to right the wrongs of the institutional child sexual abuse? A bit more of rendering to Caesar what’s Caesar’s and to God what’s God wouldn’t go astray at this point in time.

The stupidest take on this latest outrage comes, as always, from “The New York Times”:

An “ideologically motivated opposition” has “weaponised” the issue of child abuse to “threaten” the Pope’s “agenda” and his “entire papacy”. This is the religious equivalent of the traditional NYT and mainstream media headline about how the “Republicans pounce” on some Democrat scandal. In this case, it’s the evil conservatives in the Church who are using child abuse to damage the poor progressive Pope. How dare they, the heartless bastards?

Apart from disgusting I find it all quite ironic, since for as long as I can remember the controversies about child abuse by the clergy have traditionally been seen as being pushed by the anti-Catholic media and the liberal wing of the Church to either discredit Catholicism or to force the internal reform that would unshackle this 2000-year institution from its reactionary moorings and steer it into a more progressive, modern and “relevant” direction. But now all of a sudden it’s the conservatives and traditionalists in the Church (they’re always “ideologically motivated”, and therefore not to be trusted) who are “weaponising” the scandal of abuse and cover up to attack the de facto liberation theologian currently occupying the Seat of St Peter (often more colloquially known as a “commie Pope”). And as we all know, nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of the woke work.

Meanwhile, child abuse continues to be the most horrendous stain on the Catholic Church’s reputation over the past few decades. Maybe we need more weaponisation.

P.S. Cupich also discovers a racism angle:

P.P.S. Aaaaaand we have the “conservatives pounce” headline. Unbelievable.