Lest We Remember


I like free speech and free market because they allow us to see who the idiots are and to spend our money elsewhere. Wisconsin parents – avoid Ripon College for your kids like a plague:

Administrators at Ripon College in Wisconsin have ruled that a Sept. 11 memorial cannot take place on campus because it may offend Muslim students.

The private school cited bias reports that were filed during last year’s Sept. 11 memorial project, a project that was a part of Young America’s Foundation’s iconic patriotism initiative which takes place across the country on campuses every year.

The school’s Bias Protocol Board said the project creates an “environment” where “students from a Muslim background would feel singled out and/or harassed.” As a result, Ripon students will not be allowed to hang flyers as part of their vigil to remember the victims of Sept. 11.

According to YAF, administrators claimed that one of their objections is “because radical Islamist terrorism ‘represents a small percentage of the terrorist attacks that happened to this country, and they don’t represent the full gamut, and they show a very small picture of a specific religion or nationality instead of the larger viewpoint.’”

So presumably you could have a memorial for victims of terrorism, as long it’s all of them, those killed by jihadis, white supremacists, black nationalists, anti-abortion activists, probably the United States as a whole, because it is a terrorist state after all. You just can’t single anyone out – full picture and a larger viewpoint is a must.

This is so stupid and offensive so as to leave one speechless. But it’s sadly increasingly typical of the left’s efforts to censor and sanitise the past (and the present) so that no one is offended or made uncomfortable by anything – or rather no member of any minority of an otherwise designated oppressed group is, because the rest, “the privileged”, can go and take a jump; you can offend them at your leisure. Presumably a Pearl Harbour memorial would likewise be a no-no as it would make Japanese students uncomfortable. Bet you the price of tuition at Ripon, however, that a vigil for the victims of American war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan wouldn’t bother the Bias Protocol Board at all. You cretins offend me, but I’ll guess I’ll somehow manage.