Victimhood Olympics in space


In space no one can hear you scream, but in Ohio school administrators can certainly hear parents scream about their children being given this exercise:

Administrators with Cuyahoga Falls Schools are investigating a questionnaire that came to their attention Thursday morning after parents called a local councilman with concerns.

The questionnaire was distributed to students at Roberts Middle School in the district as part of a classroom “Whom To Leave Behind” exercise.


Sixth Ward Councilman Adam Miller told FOX 8 News he started getting calls from concerned parents late Wednesday and once he was made aware of the assignment, he had concerns of his own…

Miller said since posting his objection on Facebook he was able to have a talk with the teacher who he described as “remorseful.”

“He apologized for any concern the parents were upset about. He said he was going to remove the assignment and not use it at any future dates,” said Miller.

Poor teacher was only borrowing from universities:

The University of Houston included the same questionnaire as a part of their Diversity Activities Resource Guide, and Illinois Wesleyan University also published the exact same questionnaire online.

We often joke about Victimhood Olympics, oppression rankings and grievance hierarchies, but some people actually think about it long and seriously and professionally. In the world of identity politics, after all, claims of different groups might often come into conflict with one another and therefore there is a pressing need to decide who’s more oppressed and therefore whose interests trump (apologies for the use of this inflammatory word in this context) those of others: is a disabled Latina lesbian more worthy than a gay Muslim refugee?

There are two ways of answering “Who To Leave Behind” exercise: the woke and the practical. No doubt the purpose of this “diversity” exercise is to save those most marginalised and kick out those most privileged, a sort of a Schindler’s List in space. This is all and well and will win the plaudits of the activists but in reality will be pointless because the eight that are saved will most likely perish soon after anyway. Most normal people would consider the objective of this exercise not “the survival of the most oppressed” but the preservation of the human race and human civilisation (albeit from a very limited pool). With that in mind, the selection criteria should prioritise those who a) are of childbearing age and potential, to perpetuate humanity, b) are the healthiest and the fittest, to maximise their chances of long term survival, and c) have the most useful skills that a fledgling colony might need in order to have any chance of success. Earth II arguably doesn’t need accountants and university administrators but it certainly needs somebody with a medical knowledge and somebody who knows how to use weapons. On the other hand, how a militant African-American and a racist cop would actually get along onboard and in their new home is something to consider too. It certainly would make a great SF series on Netflix – more interesting than the “diversity ark” that those who have designed this exercise had in mind.

What this once again demonstrates is the difference between the world of the woke left and the real world: diversity is taken to be the end in itself – it has to be because apart from satisfying the sense of equity it has no other practical purpose. On the other hand, most normal people select based on needs and skills, not on irrelevant group characteristics. For the woke, every group has to be the microcosm of the census; for everyone else it just has to do its job.