The Flags Of Our Non-Binary Non-Gender Specific Parents


Flag enthusiasts (I’m sure there are such people around the world, apart from the fictional Dr Sheldon Cooper and his YouTube flag channel in “The Big Bang Theory”) would have had two boon periods over the past half a century or so, when a whole lot of new colours got added to the catalogue: in the 1950s and 60s, when Harold Macmillan’s “winds of change” blew throughout Africa and elsewhere in the developing world, with dozens of new countries becoming independent and flagworthy, and then again in the 1990s,  when the Scropions’ “Winds of Change” blew this time, and some 20 new countries emerged out of the breakup of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

In the late 2010s we’re not getting many more new countries (South Sudan is one of the very few that springs to mind) but I’ll be damned if we’re not getting more genders and sexualities – and guess what, they all need their own flags too; something I would not have been quite aware (apart of the well known rainbow “Pride” flag that is of course) until one of my friends, who has to stay anonymous, sent me the link to the wonderful Rainbow Store and its full offering of desk flags:


I’m not really a “flag-on-your-desk” kind of a guy, so I’m surprised that some people clearly must be raising the colours to mark their sovereign office territory, as opposed occasionally putting flags on their cars (the national flag on Australia Day or your sport team’s flag during the finals). Australia is just not as hard-core patriotic as the United States, so unlike the land of the free and the home of the brave you don’t see many Aussie flags around hanging in shop windows or outside of private houses. With the recent same-sex marriage plebiscite, I’m pretty sure I have seen more rainbow flags around than the Union Jack and the Southern Cross.

Not many people might actually know the difference between pansexual and polysexual, but if you’re a visual sort of a person you’ll know that one has a yellow middle bar and the other green. Likewise, not many people might realise that skoliosexual and lithsexual are actual things. I, for one, was wondering what a sideways curvature of one’s spine has to do with sexual preferences (you lean to one side more than the other?), until I found out that skoliosexuality is a “sexual orientation where the individual only feels sexual attraction towards those whose gender doesn’t fit in the binary.” That’s not all, however: “It is a slightly controversial label, and for that reason people usually choose to use the word ‘ceterosexual’ instead, even though it’s meant for non-binary people only.” You have been warned people, use the correct terms (and ceterosexuality doesn’t mean you’re attracted to the singer and bass player in Chicago).  Lithsexual, on the others hand, or more commonly akoinesexual, “refers to a person who experiences sexual attraction, but has their feelings fade if reciprocated. Akoisexual can also be defined as someone who doesn’t care or want their feelings reciprocated.” In other words, a guy on a Friday night. But here too there is a potential minefield: “Lithsexual isn’t commonly used due to concerns of appropriation of lesbian culture.” And just in case you need a further clarification, there is this helpful exchange in the comments:


Try not to be autochorissexual because there’s no flag attached to it that I’m aware of; at least lithsexuality has its “pink heart and bars” ensign.

If, like me, you have been wondering how big a market there could possibly be for the Hermaphrodite pride flag, considering being born with two sets of genitals is quite rare, I’m sure it’s not all about the money for the manufacturers. In any case, did you know that Jabba the Hutt, and the entire Hutt race, are hermaphrodites? So maybe the Star Wars fandom are the biggest buyers. Stick that flag on Tatooine in the memory of its most famous crime boss, cruelly strangled by Princess Leia.

And, by the way, you’re all welcome the next time you win your local trivia night thanks to TDC.