Congratulations Asians, you’re now honorary Caucasians!


The other day, in the context of the dummy spit that Serena Williams has thrown while losing to a half-Japanese, half-Haitian Naomi Osaka, I joked on Facebook that in the Victimhood Olympics, the Asian people are now increasingly treated not as an ethnic minority they are (in the West of course, not in Asia) but as de facto whites. Orange might always be the new black but yellow is now the new white. Welcome to being always wrong, guys and gals.

But it’s not really a joke, is it? Increasingly it’s more like a reality. Take this delightfully bizarre story from “Vice”:


Those damned white supremacist Asians! God help us that Asian-Americans or Asian-Canadians should stray off the progressive plantation and start espousing other ideas and concerns than those they are allowed to as members of a minority group. After all, concerns about illegal migration, law and order, terrorism, cultural values, welfare system, education standards are nothing more than neo-Nazi dog whistles. Or so the left would like you to believe. As if legal migrants cannot be worried about illegal migration, hardworking ethnic taxpayers about the size of the state, and people from a culture that cherishes the institution of family about the attack on conservative values by the radical social engineers.

But there is more to it than ravings from “Vice”. Recall that Harvard is being currently sued for its admission policies, which have the practical effect of discriminating against Asian-Americans:

Yale, Brown and Princeton universities were among more than a dozen elite schools that endorsed Harvard University’s practice of considering race as a piece of its admissions processes.

The schools said in a court filing Monday that it’s essential to consider race in the admissions process to attain “diverse student bodies.” They urged the judge to uphold an approach that includes a student’s socioeconomic background, academic merit, parental education level and leadership skills, along with ethnicity and race.

The filing came in a friend-of-the-court brief in which the schools backed Harvard in a 2014 lawsuit by Students for Fair Admissions, which claims Harvard discriminates against Asian-American applicants. A trial is scheduled for October as a federal judge in Boston weighs whether the case should proceed or be decided sooner…

Harvard has asked the judge to toss the lawsuit, saying admissions data and other evidence doesn’t show any purposeful discrimination or “racial balancing.” The plaintiffs “cherry-picked” documents to form a “misleading narrative” about the school’s admissions process, the school said.

Students for Fair Admissions, backed by Edward Blum, a longtime crusader against affirmative action, says Harvard gives low “personal rating” scores to Asian American applicants with high academic marks in order to illegally shape its class.

In other words, if admission was mainly based on academic merit, there would be a lot more Asian-Americans in top universities, because, well, sorry for the ethnic stereotype, but Asians study hard and are high academic achievers at schools.

Expect more of where that came from. Why? It’s simple, Asians don’t fit the dominant narrative of neo-Marxist identity politics that an ethnic minority which has been subjected to massive historical racism and discrimination continues to be on that account a perpetual victim, under-performing  their oppressors in every social and economic indicator. Asians in fact prove quite clearly that whatever that past historical wrongs, whole communities can transcend them; that both the discriminators and the discriminated have their own agency; and that there are many other factors at play in success or failure than simply the nefarious influence of “the white devil”. Asians today are increasingly what the Jews used to be a few generations ago, the walking refutation of the cast-iron causal link between prejudice and victimhood. The adults in the room have known that different groups can perform differently under the same or similar circumstances. Increasingly, to point that out invites the charge of racism, as if one is arguing that there is some innate hierarchy of ethnicities based on immutable genetic differences. But it’s not a matter of race or skin colour or heredity; it’s culture and values. And contrary to cultural relativists, cultures are not all the same and equally valid, because some are more conductive of producing successful outcomes for their members than others. Not everything around the world revolves around the evil white people, not everything is under their influence and not everything is their fault. And to point that out is also increasingly taken as evidence of deep seated bigotry and white privilege, blaming the victim and whitesplaining to people of colour.

To quote Ben Shapiro, facts don’t care for your feelings. And to banish the reality as wrongthink only delays the real solutions and the real change that are needed if we are to help the struggling communities amongst us to lift themselves up and seize the opportunities our developed societies offer.