“A stupid slutty Tory bisexual who loves Brexit”


A 21-year old Conservative Councillor from Holme Valley Parish Council in West Yorkshire shows them how it’s done:

A Tory councillor who fell victim to death threats and vile sexist abuse after revealing her pro-Brexit stance has hit back at her online trolls — by posting bikini photos…

Cr Elena Bunbury, 21, was the target of online abuse after appearing as an audience member on the BBC TV debate show Question Time.

But in an act of defiance bisexual Elena Bunbury, who became one of the youngest elected parish councillors when she entered politics last year, has hit back with a message to the trolls.

After speaking out in favour of Brexit on TV, the sporty student had been horrified to find critics had been perving over pictures on her Instagram account and calling her a “stupid slut who should be put down” and a lesbian.

The West Yorkshire councillor made pro-Brexit comments to the panel including the comment “no deal isn’t a bad deal” and the video clip of her speaking was later tweeted by the BBC…

The 150cm-tall pocket rocket posted one picture of herself in a red bikini applying fake tan in her university accommodation and another of her in a black bikini taken on holiday in Cape Verde.

Both pictures had already been raided from her private Instagram account by trolls who were sharing them with vile messages so she decided to put them out herself to “take control of the narrative”.

“Following my appearance on #bbcqt, the #FBPE are sending death threats, labelling me a stupid slut, posting private photos of me and outing me as bisexual online,” she wrote. “So I thought I’d beat them to it. Enjoy these photos of a stupid slutty Tory bisexual who loves Brexit.”

Good on Bunbury; this is how you do it. Never give up, never surrender, never apologise. Don’t give an inch, don’t give half an inch, don’t back down. People who are doing this to you will never be satisfied by anything short of your complete destruction – there are no compromises to be made. Own it all and tell them to get f***. For too long we have been trying to play chess with people who are playing bowls with us.