Hitler versus Lennin – who will win the rematch?


This is terrible, yet funny at the same time:

Hitler is trying to seize power in a small town in Peru, but he is facing fierce competition from his opponent: Lennin.

Hitler Alba Sanchez, and Lennin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde are going head to head in the Mayoral elections in Yungar, a small town in the Carhuaz district in west Peru.

Mr Alba Sanchez, who served as Mayor for Yungar from 2011 to 2014, is seeking a new term with the slogans ‘I’m the good Hitler! and ‘Hitler returns’.

Stressing that he rejects what Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler stood for, Mr Alba Sanchez said he wants to oversee a fair and transparent government in Yungar.

He that his father has been unaware of who Adolf Hitler was when he named him, and had simply given him that name because it ‘sounded foreign.’

He said that he had considered changing his name several times, but in the end had decided to respect his father’s choice. He added: ‘I would have felt bad.’

Mr Alba Sanchez’s campaign has come under under attack by Lennin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde, a resident of a neighboring district who tried to block his inscription as a candidate.

Take note, lefties: here is a politician who is literally Hitler. All that Yungar needs now is a third party candidacy by Jesus Maria,

The world’s full of crazy names, particularly if culturally appropriated from their original setting. Not the least


Hitler, by the way, is banned as a baby name in Australia, as are Circumcision and IKEA. IKEA was likewise banned in Sweden, as was Metallica and Allah Akbar. Elaine and Alice are banned in Saudi Arabia. Hitler might be too Western for the Saudis, then again he didn’t like the Jews so there’s that too.