Hot hearts smart?


The difficulties of illustrating new research become apparent in this story “Physically attractive women ‘more likely’ to go the distance with intelligent men”:

Nerdy guys are in luck, not only do they have brains, they are said to be more likely to get a physically attractive partner — a recent study has found.

The study, published by the American Psychological Association, looked at the link between physical attractiveness and intelligence when it came to finding a partner, finding that physically attractive women were more likely to have more intelligent husbands.

“We predicted that more physically attractive women would have more intelligent husbands, but that a man’s physical attractiveness would not predict his wife’s intelligence,” the study — Cross-Trait Assortment for Intelligence and Physical Attractiveness — hypothesised.

The researchers noted both men and women valued intelligence and physical attractiveness in mates — but men placed higher emphasis on physical attractiveness as a fitness indicator when judging the value of a potential mate, while women looked for higher intelligence.

“Women may place greater emphasis on intelligence because it indicates the ability of a potential mate to acquire resources, which makes intelligence a valued trait.”

On the flip side, the study found women considered to be “below average in attractiveness” were more often married to men with less education.

So far, so good (at least if you are a “nerdy guy”), but then come the photos interspersed throughout the article:


And I’m like: dude, did you just assume their IQ?

For starters, three of the men concerned (Packer, Musk and Ohanian) are multi-billionaires. I’m sure they are smart gents in their own ways, but it’s not their smarts per se that made them attractive to a number of prominent and attractive women (hint: a combination of fame, fortune, looks, alpha personality). In the fourth case, George Clooney is a uni dropout, while Amal Clooney has Masters in Law, is admitted to the bar in the US and the UK, and worked for Oliver & Cromwell and at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. Again, I have strong suspicions that there are other aspects of George than his brilliant mind that attracted Amal to him in the first place.

On the other hand, when you see The Daily Chrenk with a bikini model… (and this time I assumed the IQ).