Make Dating Great Again


Tired of being constantly dumped by your dates after they discover you are an ugly right-winger? Looking for a soulmate you can build a wall and drain a swamp with? Finally, there is a solution for you:

For fans of President Trump, searching for love in big liberal cities like Washington, New York, and San Francisco can get nasty.

“I just can’t find a date. I’m going to die alone,” is how Emily Moreno sized up the feeling many conservatives feel. The reason: Politics in many cases now trumps love…

That’s when it came to Moreno, a former GOP aide and publicist: DonaldDaters, a new dating app that she promised will “make dating great again.”

The app for Apple/Android just went live Monday morning and is already winning rave reviews.

“For many young Trump supporters, liberal intolerance has made meeting and dating nearly impossible. Support for the president has become a deal breaker instead of an icebreaker. That’s why we created a new platform for Trump supporters to meet people without being afraid of talking politics,” said Moreno.

I have written about the perils and the promise of inter-political dating and relationships many a time in the past. It can be tough. I know a few couples where husband and wife cancel each other’s votes at every election, but most of my friends (if political at all) have chosen someone who broadly shares their political outlook. This seems to be the norm, because like attracts like and compatibility is important in a relationship. That includes compatible beliefs of any sort, not just political. This is not to say that those who vote together stay together, but it eliminates one of many possible frictions within a couple.

If you’re single and trying to find love it can be even tougher. Particularly if you are a right-wing guy. Most single women (certainly most single women who use dating websites and apps), again to the extent they have strong political views, seem to be on the left. Why that is is anyone’s guess; possibly because women generally skew more to the left than men, possibly because right women are less likely to be single at any given time, possibly something else entirely. And while many left-wing women can be quite open to meeting men whose politics they disagree with (if that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t have so many wonderful left-wing female friends; you all know who you are), there is also a strong streak of hostility to the conservative other. Anecdotal evidence is abundant – I certainly have seen my fair share of profiles with disclaimers like “If you vote Liberal, please don’t waste my time” or “if you’re right-wing we’re unlikely to get along”, something that’s in my experience completely absent on the right, at least in such an overt form – as are surveys like this:

A survey conducted by the student newspaper at Dartmouth College reveals that Democrat students are much more likely than their Republican peers to let politics influence who they would date, befriend, or even trust.

Among Democrats, 82% said they would be reluctant to date a conservative, and 55% said it could affect their friendships.

Conversely, 42% of Republicans expressed aversion to dating a liberal, and just 12% named political differences as an obstacle to friendship.

As the old saying goes, the right believes that the left is wrong, the left believes that the right is evil. Not surprisingly, you won’t want to show love to bigots who are imperilling democracy. Nazis are for punching, not for making sweet sweet love to.

I’m not sure if Donald Daters will go towards solving the problem (of righties trying to find love, not the general problem of people being reluctant to interact with those of different opinions, which is much more deep-set and tricky to tackle) but best of luck to Ms Moreno. Personally, I believe in staying in the main ring rather than retreating into the niches. Be open on your profile about your beliefs and those who don’t like them won’t match with you. This way you’ll save everyone time and disappointment that goes with a subsequent discovery of incompatibility. Those who still match will like you for who you are or despite of who you are. Life’s too short for anything else.