Skippy the bush tucker kangaroo


Thanks to The Daily Chrenk you now know which states in America allow you to own a kangaroo without a licence, and you also know this makes the United States more liberal as far as the right to bear marsupials than their home country itself.

Speaking of which, this is arguably the most delightful little story from the recent Royal tour to Australia by Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, while visiting Fraser Island off Queensland coast:

Opening a new addition to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy conservation program, Harry paid tribute to the beauty of Fraser Island.

But Jyleeah Green, 12, set him straight when he asked what the indigenous kids called the local kangaroos.

“We don’t give them names — we eat them,” Jyleeah said.

Bless little Jyleeah. If your supermarket stock kangaroo meat you should definitely give it a go. It’s not as delicious as a whale but it’s a good alternative to beef.

(Via Tim Blair)