Bombs away


This is certainly a strange story and hasn’t been made any clearer in the nearly 24 hours since.

Firstly, on Monday morning a crude pipe bomb has been delivered to the home of George Soros. Since then, on Wednesday, similar bombs have been delivered to the home of Hillary Clinton and the offices of Barack Obama and Rep Maxine Waters in Washington DC. Another one has been delivered to CNN, addressed to the former CIA director John Brennan, who actually contributes to MSNBC. Yet another parcel, which was addressed to the former Attorney-General Eric Holder was “returned to sender” at a Florida office of Democratic Rep (and former DNC chair) Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And another similar package has just been found (at 4 AM local time this morning) outside the New York restaurant owned by Robert De Niro.

Clearly, whoever is responsible, needs to be found as soon as possible and suffer the full consequences of the law. At this stage we have no idea who that whoever is. Needless to say, the Democrats and the media are widely blaming Donald Trump for creating the climate of violence. The hashtag #MAGAbombs was trending on Twitter in the aftermath, pointing fingers at Trump supporter as perpetrators.

There are three possibilities:

1. international, most likely Islamist, terrorism. One of the bombs initially appeared to have an ISIS flag sticker on it, but it later turned out to be a right-wing parody of the ISIS flag from Larry the Cable Guy show.

2. the bombs have been indeed mailed by a Trump supporter or generally someone from the political right, as indicated by the choice of targets, all conservative betes noires.

3. the bombs have been mailed by someone who wants to blame the right and help sway the mid-term elections to the Democrats.

Clearly, number two is the prima facie option at this stage, but since we know very little at this early stage there is a number of important details that await clarification:

– none of the bombs have exploded (thank God) – it’s unclear whether they were actually functioning but for whatever reason malfunctioned, or whether they were merely meant to look like bombs but were never going to detonate, i.e. fake bombs.

– how were the packages delivered, since the one we have photos of (addressed to John Brennan at CNN) has insufficient stamps for the weight of the package and the stamps themselves have not been postmarked/cancelled.

– the address and the return address labels contain multiple spelling mistakes, indicating that the sender is either not very literate or wants to seem not very literate.


As they say, stay tuned.