Happy Halloween, except in Mongolia


Mongolian government forbids cultural appropriation:

Mongolia has banned the celebration of Halloween in schools this year, reflecting growing fears that the landlocked country’s rapid economic transformation is eroding its native Buddhist traditions.

In a directive sent to all schools last week, the education ministry said parents had complained in the past about their children trying to collect money and asking for Halloween costumes.

Stressing that Halloween was not an officially recognised holiday, it ordered all schools to put a stop to organised celebrations this year.

Mongolian kids can still participate outside the school hours. After all, there is a centuries-old Mongolian tradition of turning up on other people’s doorsteps – in China, Iran, Russia, and even Poland – and demanding treats.

Wishing all The Daily Chrenk readers a scary Halloween, full of grossly offensive and culturally inappropriate costumes. Personally, I will be dressing as Big Government and lecturing any kids who turn up about the perils of collectivism.