The problem with white men


When life gives you Lemons, it’s time to switch off CNN:

Translation: we have to stop demonising some people and start demonising others.

If you can sustain this contradiction in your mind you’re most likely a leftists like Don Lemon. The same people maintain that you cannot be racist against white people, having just redefined the term racism away from its traditional meaning to a formula where “racism = prejudice + power”. Because non-white people don’t have power, they cannot be racist; white people have all the power, therefore can and are. Easy.

Another benefit of this sort of collectivist, group-based thinking that’s not remarked upon often enough is that allows to disregard any and all meaningful intra-group differences. Thus, Don Lemon is a black man who is wealthier, more prominent and more influential than probably 99 per cent of white men in his country, yet being a part of a minority can at the same time enjoy the outsider and a victim status.

Tell us about the white privilege, Dan.