Australia welcome another Arthur


Long time no ambassador:

A former legal adviser to Ronald Reagan has been nominated as the next United States ambassador to Australia.

US President Donald Trump has nominated distinguished lawyer Arthur Culvahouse Jr to fill the post vacated by John Berry in September 2016.

A White House statement issued on Tuesday said 70-year-old Mr Culvahouse, from Tennessee, is currently chair emeritus to O’Melveny & Myers, an international law firm.

He previously served as counsel to President Ronald Reagan and has been on a range of boards and commissions.

President Trump hired Mr Culvahouse to vet his election running mate.

It was confirmed in April that Admiral Harry Harris, who was initially earmarked to take on the ambassador role in Canberra, was to instead be posted as US envoy to South Korea.

I welcome Ambassador Arthur Culvahouse Jr to Australia, one Arthur to another. There are now three of us down here, the bearers of this proud ancient Briton name – a Pole, an American and Senator Arthur Sinodinos who’s Greek.

Jokes aside, a sound choice from Trump (subject to the usual circus of Congressional confirmation), a man with a distinguished professional career and senior political involvement from Reagan to the present, who gave American national politics two solid conservatives: Sarah Palin and Mike Pence. The insane hatred they elicit in some sections of the left is their badge of honour.

I would now like to apologise to Ambassador Culvahouse on behalf of Australia that for the next few years he will have to reside in Canberra. Ambassador, it’s like a smaller, all-white version of Washington, if Washington was dropped in the middle of nowhere. I do hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the country though.