Hey white women, hope you’ve enjoyed your minority status


…because it’s getting revoked, you traitors and mindless enablers of white patriarchal supremacy!

I’ve written a while ago about the Asian (specifically Asian-American) people being revoked their minority victim status and being deemed honorary (or dishonorary) Caucasians by the identity politics left because they don’t fit the narrative: despite all the history racism, bigotry, prejudice and discrimination their educational and professional achievement actually excels that of the white people.

But in the aftermath of the midterms, say hello to the new trend – feminists and minorities are coming after you, white women. You have a lot of work to do to redeem yourself and reclaim your status as “real women”. As the Women’s March, headed by the anti-Semites, terrorists and Sharia advocates, says “there needs to be accountability and an honest reckoning” for what you’ve done.

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Don’t worry, ladies; the left knows what’s really in your interest and how you need to think and what you need to do to be a real woman. You’re possessing false consciousness that makes you identify with the interests of your oppressors, but hopefully we’ll be able to get it out of you. Time for self-criticism and re-education session to confess your deviationist tendencies and promise to do better for the revolution.