But is it any good?


Paul Tassi at “Forbes” notes an important pop-culture milestone being reached:

This week we got a look six years into the future of The Walking Dead, a timeline after the death (well, disappearance) of Rick Grimes when the society he founded is more established, but also more fractured than ever.

In six years, a lot has happened. New characters arrived, and old characters have begun pairing off and settling down, as you might expect would happen in a span of time like that. Some of the couples were a surprise, some weren’t. But I do find one aspect of the current state of The Walking Dead interesting. In this massive ensemble cast, every single relationship on the show is either interracial or LGBT, a departure from the source material, due to some major changes, and a milestone for a show as popular as TWD.

I’m only up to season six myself (of “TWD”, not of “TDC”) so still way behind the curve. For the record, I really don’t care who fictional characters sleep with as long as the show is interesting, but it clearly matters very much to some people, since this onscreen love outcome is not likely to have come as an accident. It is dispiriting to note, however, the implicit message that for this perfect vision of society to be achieved we seemingly need a complete collapse of the human civilisation, combined with the extinction of over 90 per cent of the human race, with the remainder being always only one bite away from the doom. What is even more dispiriting is that I bet you the bottom dollar that there would be many a Social Justice Warrior for whom that would be a small price to pay to achieve universal love and tolerance. There would of course be many other benefits to a zombie apocalypse, including the end of the capitalist-consumerist society, as well as the halt to man-made climate change and other environmental degradation. For the woke activists who already consider the masses of their political opponents to be the brain-dead, “evil dead” zombies, being surrounded by “the walkers” probably does not seem all that different or scary – at least you can kill a walking dead with impunity.

Being suspicious by nature, I wonder if the love milestone has anything to do with the tanking ratings:


Most cable shows would still kill for this sort of viewership, but for “The Walking Dead” standards, the show is now down half from its seasons 4-6 golden era peak, and heading back into the beginning territory. They say “go woke, go broke”, but this perhaps rather is a case of “go woke because you’re going broke” and are hoping to expand in one large demographic. Good luck to TWD but no real change in prejudice will happen until the first human/walker onscreen kiss.