Will America or Australia save Asia?


Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman whose death sentence for alleged blasphemy has been lifted by the Supreme Court, continues to be in danger, as the Pakistani Islamists are baying for her blood and that of her family:

Asia Bibi, whose exoneration sparked protests in Pakistan over the past three weeks, is already in protective custody, the Guardian reports. But her family is now in hiding as they hope to be granted asylum in Europe or North America. Bibi’s lawyer has already fled the country.

“Mullahs had been reported in their neighborhood going from house to house showing photos of family members on their phones, trying to hunt them down,” John Pontifex of Catholic group Aid to the Church in Need U.K. (ACN) told the Guardian. “The family have had to move from place to place to avoid detection.”

As I blogged more than a week ago,

Earlier this week, the British government has declined to offer Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibipolitical asylum. After 9 years in prison spent awaiting execution for alleged blasphemy, the Pakistani Supreme Court has overturned her death sentence, unleashing a wave of public anger still baying for her blood. The Brits are citing “security concerns”, claiming that admitting Bibi could cause “unrest among certain sections of the community.” In other words, the British government can no more guarantee Bibi’s life and safety from their Pakistani and Muslim citizens than can the Pakistani government.

But now some progress in less spineless jurisdictions, As Andrew Bolt reports:

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says Australia could give asylum to Asia Bibi, now hiding in Pakistan from mobs who want this Christian mother killed for allegedly blaspheming against Islam…

Peter Dutton tells me that Canada is now in discussions to bring Bibi there, but adds:

“If the discussions with Canada fall through, we will facilitate bringing Asia Bibi to Australia.”

Unless Pakistan’s Islamists get to her first.