“We require deep transformations of our economies and societies”, Part 2


An apt follow up to my blog post yesterday about political activists using the climate change issue as an excuse and a cover to push for a radical transformation of our societies – under their benevolent and all-knowing guidance, of course:

The teenage star of the global student strike for climate change movement would ban private car ownership, meat eating and ration air travel.Greta Thunberg, 15, is being showcased at the Katowice climate conference in Poland like a Nordic child-Yoda with a message of doom.

She chides politicians for acting like children and has been embraced by the climate establishment, fawned upon by media and granted a private audience with UN Secretary General, António Guterres.

Thunberg is told by her minders she is a “sixth sigma person” whose knowledge of the climate is six standard deviations out from the average.

She laments the ignorance of politicians and journalists who do not know their Keeling curve from the albedo.

For months, Ms Thunberg has staged a one-girl protest every Friday outside the Swedish parliament.

She is the motivation behind ClimateStrike which has spread to Australia with students wagging school to demand action on climate change.

If Thunberg were allowed to call the shots they could look forward to a greatly restricted life.

“Neither the rich nor the poor can consume as we do now,” Ms Thunberg says.

“In this situation we need some kind of rationing.”

Ms Thunberg has an uncompromising belief in her understanding of the science of climate change and disdain for journalists who do not surrender impartiality for advocacy.

For her, every headline and every front page should be about the “climate crisis”.

Ms Thunberg is on the Katowice trail with her equally hardcore father Svante Thunberg who claims to be a third cousin of Svante Arrhenius, the Nobel prize winning chemist who first discovered the link between atmospheric CO2 and global temperature.

Svante Thunberg says none of today’s political parties are up to the challenge.

“We need a complete system change, stop flying and stop eating meat,” he said.

“There is no politics to solve the situation we are in today.

“There is not one single political party that I know of that will solve this crisis so we need to create a whole new thing and that is why we also need to lead by example.”

This is all quite terrifying: here we have a little 15-year old authoritarian, who despite “sixth sigma” boats has neither much life experience nor knowledge about the world, and she is being lionised by the “international community” and gets to lecture politicians, scientists, public servants, journalists, and well, pretty much everyone from a podium of an international summit. What’s happened to the world that we have moved from “children being seen and not heard” to “children being scientific experts and moral consciences of the world”? I don’t think it’s social progress that we are now celebrating what our parents, never mind more distant ancestors, would have laughed at.

Thunberg probably doesn’t strictly fall under my definition of an “activist” in that I suspect she’s not a hard-core leftist trying to create her socialist dystopia under the guise of saving the planet. For all I know, her agenda is just that – trying to save the planet, as she sees it. But it doesn’t make it any less fascist or wrong, but I repeat myself (and turning everyone into public transport using vegetarians does seem to be the trendy inner city left’s wet dream nowadays). However sincere and well intentioned (or not), Thunberg’s plan would require a massive expansion of the state and the state power at the expense of everyone else, a correspondingly massive curtailment of freedom, and mushrooming of control and social engineering unprecedented in free societies outside of wartime. I guess many do see the threat of rising temperatures as akin to that of war and therefore requiring the state mobilisation on a similar vast scale – because the problem is global, then the solution has to be some sort of a global government with quite authoritarian powers. If that prospect doesn’t scare you, you scare me because you fully understand and approve or at best you confound me because you seem to know nothing of history and human nature.

These sorts of visions used to confined to fringes; now, from the mouths of the babes as well as influential adults they are being increasingly spoken of publicly and taken seriously. Personally I rather boil than live in a world controlled by little dictators and fanatics like Greta Thunberg.