40 times unlucky


I honestly don’t know how these things become news stories, even for the tabloids:

A student who’s been on 40 “atrocious” dates in nine months has created a brilliant Tinder presentation called “why you should swipe me” — and it’s incredibly honest.

Unlucky-in-love Natalie Palmer, 23, who jokes she’s 2019’s answer to Bridget Jones, has laid bare her pizza obsession, compulsive cleaning habits and plans to rock a face mask on date number five.

She is hoping the innovative ad, which she uploaded on Sunday night, will help bag a date with her dream man, The Sun reported.

I don’t know Miss Palmer from a bar of soap but if you are a young, attractive, intelligent woman who ends up having 40 “atrocious” dates in nine months, maybe, just maybe, it’s not all men out there that are shit but there is something wrong with you. Not sure what, because Palmer indeed seems attractive and intelligent and endearing, but as they say in the world of commerce, “customer is always right”.

“The innovative ad”, or rather her revamped profile, is cutesy but nothing extraordinary, consisting essentially of captioning profile photos with the text that others would simply put in the body of their profile. Though in a world of profiles where people can’t be bothered to write anything at all, or if they do it’s mostly generic and indistinguishable from every other one, any effort is appreciated.