Don’t give them your tired and your poor


Gosford’s finest continues to deliver, this time with this insightful critique of American society gleaned from “The Hunger Games”:

Considering that Fr Rod’s previous contribution to Australian immigration policy debate consisted of a billboard spelling out that “Manus is how the Holocaust started” (“Hell exists and it’s on Nauru” was another one in the past), this seems like a rather confusing message. The Holocaust on the one hand but America on the other. Meh. What’s the point of swapping one hell for another? That’s what FDR must have been thinking too.

It seems clear now that Donald Trump, far from being a racist, bigot, xenophobe and a white nationalist as portrayed by his many woke critics, is actually trying to do the God’s work in preventing more poor and ignorant migrants from the developing world from ending up in the nightmarish dystopia that is the feudal United States.

Perhaps rather than erect an unsightly fence made out of concrete and iron, it would be far more effective to build the Wall using Fr Bower clones. Fr Rod is perhaps not the most athletic of men so an assumed shoulder width of 50 centimentres might be a tad generous, but it’s for the sake of simplicity. Besides, Fr Rods don’t have to exactly touch shoulders to prevent desperate Guatemalans from squeezing through. Since the US-Mexico border is 3,145 kilometres – or 3.145 million metres – long, we would need around 6.3 million clones of the good Reverend facing the deserts of northern Mexico and with a compassionate tilt of his head telling every approaching illegal migrant to kindly turn back so as not to experience a life of potential hardship in what is essentially a feudal system where a wealthy elite rules over a vast and impoverished population.

Never mind Mexico; I would pay for the Bower Wall.