Crazy Rich Commies


Not that there is anything new or surprising in the fact that the self-proclaimed friends of the workers are living it up while the workers themselves are rummaging through rubbish and eating zoo animals – that’s pretty much the story of every socialist paradise (also the reason why Washington DC and Canberra have some of the wealthiest postcodes in their respective nations). Everyone knows about the Greens as watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside; but the commie elites worldwide are all tomatoes: red on the outside and dollar green on the inside. The Latin America’s finest are no exception:



You can read the stories here and here.  The only thing more entertaining (for us, not for the long-suffering people of Cuba and Venezuela) would be if Fidel Castro’s grandson started dating Hugo Chavez’s daughter. Castro himself was estimated to have been worth somewhere around $1 billion, but it looks like the Chavez clan has really given the old Fidel the run for his money as far as the speed and the efficiency of amassing personal wealth at the expense of their countrymen and women). If only we could combine the two family fortunes it would make for an even better Instagram account.