Boys Gone Wild on Brisbane Tinder, Part IV: Special Valentine’s Edition


This morning we’ve had the latest installment of Girls Gone Wild, so for the sake of equality of the (two) sexes I cannot but now present some eye candy for my female readers. TDC doesn’t discriminate, and lest you think for some reason that Tinder brings out the wackiest out of women only, I’m here to make sure you know the blokes get just as wild. So without a further a-dude, and wishing you all again happy Valentine’s and all that, here are some more Brisbane guys to steal your heart, and maybe your sanity too.

There must be something magical about being 23.  Take note, ladies, whatever your passion, a 23-year old out there will be able to cater to it.


There is no truth in the supposed old wisdom that men are only after one thing. They are after many different ones; some want mother figures, some want kids, some just want to entertain.


If you’re not wealthy enough or don’t want caramel babies, don’t worry; there are still plenty of quality options out there for you.



Who would you choose? Someone who needs more hobbies or a complete freakin’ double-standards tool (but with a pool)?


Don’t let this amateur locksmith anywhere near your lock, ladies. Better still, lock him out of the house.

Lastly, if all those written profiles prove too tedious, there is no substitute for the sheer animal magnetism of a naked man. Or three.


Semper Fi, dude.

As TDC relies on female (or gay) contributors for the material for this feature, please keep sending it through, either through Facebook or to “a underscore chrenkoff at hotmail dot com”.