Red on Red over Venezuela


“It’s not real socialism” is happening right now in once the wealthiest country in Latin America:

Maduro’s supporters halted and set ablaze two trucks loaded with aid driven through barricades on a border bridge, sending a pall of black smoke into the sky over the Santander crossing linking Cucuta and Urena.

“People are saving the bulk of what’s on the first truck, and looking after the humanitarian aid that Maduro the dictator ordered burned,” opposition lawmaker Gaby Arellano told reporters.

Two other trucks carrying aid sent by Brazil to Venezuela returned to the Brazilian city of Paracaima after Venezuelan troops barred them from crossing for several hours.

Some National Guard troops took advantage of the confusion to abandon their posts and cross into Colombia.

Let them eat smoke. The situation is getting so bad that even the long-standing Bolivarian socialism enthusiast Bernie Sanders thinks it might be a good idea if people of Venezuela are allowed to eat:


But fear not, such reactionary deviationism won’t be tolerated. There is nothing funnier* than watching a far-leftist being taken to task by even further-leftists for being a right-wing dupe (*or would be if people weren’t being killed and starved), including by an ex-Pink Floyd anti-Semite:


You have to give the socialists this: they are pretty consistent on the principle that “better red than fed”, particularly since they’re not the ones who have to rummage through garbage to find something to eat.  Just a reminder that Venezuelans reported losing on average 11 kilos over the course of 2017, confirming once again that the most successful diet in the world remains Marxism. In 2018, of course, the things have only gotten worse, taking the whole country back to paleo (age, not diet). Hands off Venezuela, people. Food off Venezuela too.