Polish Ripper


They always find ways to blame the migrant:

Jack the Ripper who stalked London more than 130 years ago was a demon barber with a taste for human flesh, according to startling new scientific evidence.

A blood-covered shawl found at one of the murder scenes is believed to contain DNA from both butchered victim Catherine Eddowes and the world’s most infamous serial killer.

Researchers at Liverpool John Moores University conducted genetic tests on the sample long-thought to have belonged to the Ripper himself, who they now believe to be Pole Aaron Kosminski.

“We describe for the first time systematic, molecular level analysis of the only surviving physical evidence linked to the Jack the Ripper murders,” the authors  wrote in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

“Finding both matching profiles in the same piece of evidence enhances the statistical probability of its overall identification and reinforces the claim that the shawl is authentic.”

Kosminski, a Polish Jew, was born in a little town of Klodowa, pretty much in a dead set centre of today’s Poland, but what was then part of the Russian partition. He migrated to England and worked for a time as a hairdresser in Whitechappel, which was the scene of the Ripper murders, being a few years later after admitted to a lunatic asylum, where he spent the rest of his life with paranoid schizophrenia, dying in 1919. He has been a marginal suspect in Britain’s most infamous serial killing spree until initial genetic tests in the 2000s fingered him as the likely perpetrator. These tests were controversial at the time, but this latest research seems to suggest the skeptics might have been wrong after all.

A piece of useless trivia: Jack the Ripper has been incorrectly translated into Polish as Kubus Rozprowacz, incorrect because Jack is a diminutive of John, not Jacob, as Kubus is of Jakub (Jakub > Jakuba > Kuba > Kubus). Weirdly, though, Jacob is more traditionally a Jewish name than John. Not that I’m claiming that Poles were onto the conspiracy or anything…