Gals Against Humanity


As part of the usual spray directed at the conservative half of Australia, “refugee, racial justice, Palestine campaigner” Sarah Saleh observes about Tony Abbott

His existence altogether is offensive.

Sarah is on the board of Get-Up, which is running the campaign to unseat Tony at the next election in favour of Independent Zali Stegall. I guess that’s a good first step to curtail his offensive existence.

Tim Blair’s publicity has been welcome:

Sarah’s previous claim to fame is debating a Muslim reformer and anti-terror advocate Maajid Nawaz, (again on “the Drum”) where she deemed Maajid’s statement that secularism is morally superior to theocracy to be an example of extremism.

Saleh is not alone. A week ago, the brother-marrying, anti-Semitic Democrat Rep from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, gave an interview in which she reminded that President Obama too was caging kids at the border and droning people overseas. When criticised about seemingly equating Obama and Trump, or at least their polices, Omar replied that comparing the two was silly:

One is human. The other is really not.

Don’t worry, peeps, “the rules” don’t apply to the oppressed. You will never be able to shame the left for hypocrisy because in their cultural Marxist universe there are no universal rules of morality and behaviour; what you can and can’t get away with depends on your group membership. For the wretched of the Earth it’s pretty much everything.