God Emperor Trumps King


It’s true what they say – Donald Trump lives rent free in people’s heads. One of the most bizarre recent cases in point:

How broken do you have to be to watch a mini-series about the Soviet authorities turning a nuclear accident into a major disaster and think: hey, this is just like Trump!

So yes, it is entirely possible to watch HBO’s “Chernobyl” (which I haven’t yet, but I’m told it’s a good show) without thinking of Donald Trump. In fact. you arguably have to be a tad obsessive and obsessed to do so. King probably can watch anything from “Frozen” to “Deep Throat” and somehow connect it to Donald Trump. He’s a political equivalent of an adolescent who giggles constantly because everything reminds him of a penis or a vagina. King’s got a one Trump mind.

But if you thought that Stephen King reading Trump into a story of communist ineptitude was bad enough, here is the writer-producer of “Chernobyl”:

So essentially a bunch of Hollywood types sat down and wrote the story of a 1986 Soviet nuclear disaster, which arguably was one of the significant contributing factors to the collapse of communism over the next five years, as a metaphor for the American politics in the late 2010s.

As someone who coped the Chernobyl fallout as the radioactive clouds slowly drifted overhead unbeknownst to us on the way to Western Europe, let me just put my face in my hands. Forever.