Epstein and Clinton, or the tale of two searches


I have written about the scumbag Jeffrey Epstein before; in any case, he’s all over the news again so you can get an update elsewhere. While everyone’s favourite ex-President, Bill Clinton, has flown on Epstein’s Lolita Express jet 26 times, the mainstream media is tying itself in pretzels to demonstrate that somehow Epstein and Donald Trump have been the bestest of friends. You can, of course, guess why – Orange Man Bad, and anything that makes Orange Man look even badder is good, even if not true.

The Big Tech is there too with its magic algorithms. Compare the search results for images on the niche Duck Duck Go


with those on Google


Notice anything?

Yep, despite the search being for images of Epstein and Clinton, five images in the top three rows of Google Image search somehow also manage to put Trump in there.

This is, no doubt, a complete accident and coincidence.