The Weakly Chrenk


Perhaps it has been a mistake to call one’s new website The Daily Chrenk, implying that a one-person blog (an increasing rarity these days) can provide enough quality – or even poor quality – content on a regular basis to satisfy its undetermined number of fans and readers. My original blog, simply called Chrenkoff, never put so much pressure on me. The Daily Chrenk, by contrast, mocks me every day with its promise, which I’m proving unable to deliver on (by the way, if you fancy yourself a good/interesting/funny writer, you could become an ir/regular contributor, so get in touch with me).

And so the fourth evening in a row I find myself scanning news sites, news aggregators and the social media, looking for stories to inspire me to blog about. And the fourth evening in a row I’m struggling to get sufficiently inspired by anything or quite simply I’m finding I don’t have any special insights to add to the flood of coverage elsewhere (and I refuse to write something completely generic just for the sake of The Daily Chrenk ticking the box on the news story/outrage of the day).

So I’m not going to write about Boris Johnson becoming the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. I find the Blonde Man Bad/Johnson Derangement Syndrome quite predictable and quite amusing, just as I find Johnson himself (the latter more than the former). The months ahead will be hellishly entertaining if anything else and I’m glad that once in a while our political systems will still allow a true character to rise to the top, which tends to happen usually when the respectable mainstream political cardboard cut-outs in charge have proved singularly disappointing at delivering what the people want.

And I’m not going to write about the Mueller testimony, which did nothing for the cause of condemning the Orange Man – not that it will stop the Resistance pushing for impeachment on some unspecified grounds, probably that the Orange Man is Bad. Mueller repeated that his report (“his” used very loosely, since he doesn’t seem to know very much about it) did not exonerate Trump, I guess the same way that the prosecutors’ decision not to proceed based on insufficient or no evidence also does not exonerate. Come to think of it, a not guilty verdict is also not an exoneration since it simply means that the jury was not persuaded according to the appropriate standard of proof. You can’t prove the negative.

And I’m not going to write about another stupid thing that one of the members of “the Squad” has said or done today (and every day), for example Rep Ilhan Omar’s statement in an interview that we should be “more fearful of white men”. With Omar’s favourability in her own district in single digits she should probably be more fearful of just about every demographic. Racists all!

And I’m not going to write how the bi-partisan consensus in the Congress, blessed by the President, keeps driving spending and debt sky high. Because it’s just money, isn’t it?

And I’m not going to write about Jeffrey Epstein being found injured in his cell in a possible suicide attempt, because why on Earth isn’t he under a 24/7 watch in the first place?

And I’m not going to write about the next Thor in a Marvel superhero movie being played by Natalie Portman because what in the Viking hell (or Hel) is a female Thor? Is it like a female Jesus or a black Buddha? Let’s just get it over and done with and start making movies with all-female casts, just to prove that women can do anything. Except, apparently, come up with original stories.

Sorry, but I’m just not.

The normal service will resume soon. I hope.