Leo DiCaprio is the Everyman


Well, not quite; certainly not as far as the fame and fortune are concerned, or the looks. Or, for that matter, his choice of mainly blonde lingerie and swimsuit models as girlfriends. But while the latter might be in some ways related to the former three factors, it does point in an interesting direction.

First, a graph from Reddit, which made news a few months back:


So not only are they largely blonde lingerie and swimsuit models, but Leo is nearing the age of yours truly (even if he will never catch up), his girlfriends stay magically the same age, roughly between 20 and 25. It’s sort of like a dating version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

When I first saw that graph, I knew instantly that it reminded me of something, namely the result of not-too-scientific-but… research done by the online dating site OKCupid a few years ago, where they asked men and women of all ages, about which age members of the opposite sex look best to them.

There were no big surprises with women, with women in their early 20s finding men a year or two older than them to be the most attractive, women between the late 30s and 50 finding attractiveness in somewhat younger men, and women in between in men roughly their own age.

But when men were asked about the most attractive age for women, this was the answer:leo2

This is, needless to say, not necessarily a representative sample of all men – merely some of the single men who choose to look for partners online. So perhaps a bit less conservative and a bit more adventurous than average. Or maybe more honest. Or maybe more starry-eyed and deluded, having been exposed to the seemingly endless range of potential love interests (the overwhelming majority of whom are in reality of course not interested in them). Whatever the explanation, men – or at least men doing online dating – are all Leonardo DiCaprios, finding women between the ages of 20 and 25 the most attractive, regardless how old they themselves are. And Leonardo DiCaprio is all of them.

So don’t worry guys, it’s all within your grasp – you just need to be one of the most famous actors of the past twenty years.