The left – always getting the walls wrong


Yesterday we remembered the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Everyone, including The Daily Chrenk, has been excited about it, and now Italy’s Democratic Party is joining in the celebrations:


The caption: “If you build walls, we’ll tear them down.”

As a FB friend originally from Italy says, the delicious irony is that in 1989 Democratic Party went under the name of the Italian Communist Party.

Decades ago, the left were big on walls of all kinds, including the Berlin Wall, or as East Germany’s communist masters used to call it, an anti-fascist protective barrier (hence, as David Freddoso says, nowadays “only a useful idiot would accept the term ‘anti-fascist’ at face value.”). The Wall was meant to keep the nefarious Western (fascist) influences out and keep the people in. Before it was build in 1961, 3.5 million East Germans availed themselves of the opportunity to walk across to West Berlin and never go back. That’s the thing about communism; it’s so great you have to make sure everyone stays to enjoy it.

Today’s socialists have done a 180 degrees on walls: no walls, in fact no borders at all. It probably has something to do with the post-colonial guilt (though clearly not in countries that didn’t really have any overseas empires, like the Nordics), but mainly with the fact that the local, native electorate and the working classes in particular have so disappointed as the agents of radical change. If you can’t build a permanent electoral majority with the electorate you’ve got then hey, import more voters that will go your way, and presto, you have a guaranteed new statist majority. From the Democrats in the United States to the centre-left parties throughout Europe, the enthusiasm for unrestricted immigration can only be explained rationally by the deep loathing of some parts of own societies and the desire to irrevocably tip the electoral scales in their favour. Needless to say this has nothing to do with national interest or sensible economic and social arguments; it’s about political power to transform the society to your desired vision.

Wrong at one extreme and wrong again at the other, the left just can’t get the happy middle of walls: a sovereign liberal state.

But as America’s new paper of record, Babylon Bee, reported earlier this year, the left will swing back yet again in the future:


You’re laughing now…