Revolution 2.0


Under the original Marxism, inspired by the bearded bum himself, socialist revolution would happen when the working class rose up and overthrew the bourgeoisie. Because Marx has also foreseen that history repeats itself first as tragedy and then as a farce, under the revised Marxism for the 21st century, it’s the bourgeoisie that’s the revolutionary class, trying to overthrow the oppressive shackles of the working class. You can see it almost everywhere now throughout the developed world: in the Trump phenomenon, in the Brexit saga, in the politics of the European Union. It has been becoming apparent for decades now, since the advent of the Gramscian rather than Marxist new left half a century ago, and it’s now pretty clear: the Western proletariat has proven itself a disappointment as an agent of radical change; the long march through the institutions, on the other hand, has left the left in control of the commanding heights of cultural production, education, media, bureaucracy, the community sector, and increasingly the professions and the management. It’s the wokeing class versus the working class right now across the West.

Just one indicative case in point for tonight:

(Similar, if slightly weaker, results in another poll)

Nearly half of the working class now supports the Conservatives; a greater proportion than of the middle class, which used to be the Tory bastion throughout history. Conversely, more members of the middle class vote Labour than from the working class. The workers have ended up more right wing than the bourgeoisie. Woke of the world unite.

P.S. If you were wondering, yes, it has been a trend, certainly as far as the workers are concerned: