I’m not saying it’s aliens…


Never mind a boring terrestrial virus – what would happen to our planet if aliens from other planet ever make an official appearance? Fox UK has commissioned a survey of 2000 British adults who weren’t busy panic buying toilet paper to answer a few questions. Here are some of the results:

  • Fifty per cent believe that extraterrestrials exist and that contact will occur within the next fifty years.
  • Curiously, almost three quarters think that governments are hiding from us what they know about aliens.
  • Of the believers in future contact, over 70 per cent fear the human panic as a result of the landing.
  • The same number believe that aliens have already visited our planet before in the past.
  • Nearly 30 per cent would welcome the arrivals with open arms but around 20 per cent think the future visitors will be unfriendly.
  • Should the governments have an advance knowledge of an impending invasion, almost 60 per cent believe the information will be kept from the population to avoid mass panic and only a quarter trust the authorities to do the right thing.
  • If aliens to invade, 46 per cent would join the resistance while 20 per cent would keep out of it.
  • All this might be a mute question since 50 per cent believe the invasion would be the end of humanity and only just under a quarter think we would emerge victorious.


An overall conclusion: British Earthlings have less faith and trust in own government than in extraterrestrial visitors.