Teaching young to hate their own


There is plenty of negativity to go around these days just about everywhere you look, but if you want to be particularly depressed today, I recommend this article from “The Washington Post” titled “Young Asians and Latinos push their parents to acknowledge racism amid protests”. These are the opening paragraphs:

The argument began as soon as Charlie Mai and his brother, Henry, announced their plans to attend a Black Lives Matter protest that evening in D.C. Their father was not having it.

Glenn Mai, a retired FBI agent, had been raised in Dallas by Chinese immigrants who had taught him that he would succeed if he just worked hard.

“Chinese culture is very much about working within the system,” Glenn, 54, said, and during decades in law enforcement, he’d come to believe the system worked.

His son, Charlie, 24, took a different view. “My father deeply believes that everyone has a fair chance, which is just basically untrue,” said Charlie, an artist who fled New York for his family’s home in Northern Virginia because of the pandemic. “It’s very Asian to me, that view that if everyone just works hard, then everything will turn out right for them. I’m definitely a little reactive to that because I think that’s delusional.”

Actually that is just basically true, and particularly so for Asian immigrants if you look at just about any economic and social indicator. The only thing delusional are the views of the 24 and 22-year old kids with almost zero life experience but a lot of learned “knowledge”. Charlie and Henry can look at their family and the Asian community in general and disregard the reality and the “lived experience” because it doesn’t fit the theory they have been taught at college (as you read further down in the article, “After graduating from Bard College as a theater major, Charlie Mai embarked on a life as an artist in New York City. He explores themes of race and culture in his sculpture. His younger brother, Henry, majored in sociology, hungrily consuming courses on race and mass incarceration.” But of course).

You can read, if you can bear it; there are more families and plenty more youthsplaining to their elders how their whole lives have been a lie.

It is heartbreaking to watch the education system poisoning young mind with Marxist identity politics garbage about “privilege”, “whiteness”, “oppression”.  The new generations are now routinely taught to despise their own country and society, which are portrayed as structurally and systematically, and therefore irredeemably xenophobic and oppressive. As with the old-style Marxism of classes, because everything around (laws, culture, human relationships, you name it) was created to reflect the reality of (white) power, there is no way to reform it or transform it peacefully; you need to destroy the wholly rotten old and build the bright shiny new. Changing individual attitudes does not matter because it’s “the system” that’s ultimately the problem. People today are less prejudiced and more open than they have been at any time in history, with the biggest improvements coming over the past few decades; the far left will have none of that because it does not fit the narrative.

This process of radicalisation is not dissimilar to that experienced by Islamist terrorists. Many of the jihadis are likewise second or third generation Westerners, who turn radical when exposed to the informal education via social media, which teaches them about the evils of the infidel West. The fact that their formal education in schools and above has already taught them something similar, albeit in a secular rather than a religious guise, doubt does not help. When you hear an essentially the same message coming at you from everywhere, with hardly any positive alternatives, it’s not surprising you take it onboard.

Migrants have been coming to Western countries for a long time now. They have by and large been very appreciative of the lifestyle and opportunities that are incomparable to (and incomparably better than) those in their countries of origin and have generally made a great contribution to their new homes. They work hard – in an environment where, unlike back home, working hard does bring considerable and tangible rewards – so that their children can have easier lives and enjoy the benefits they never had, including education and careers. The sad irony is that their children and grandchildren indeed get to enjoy these benefits, obtaining education which teaches them to hate their country as xenophobic, violent, exploitative and oppressive. Not all of them, of course, but a large enough part of the cohort to make itself increasingly felt.

Of course the same process is affecting the “native” population, whose children too are being taught the evils of their country and that of their ancestors. Marxism in all its many iterations and forms might have lost the Cold War, having proved a bloody disaster everywhere it has been tried around the world, but it has survived, mutated and thrived in the education systems throughout the developed world. There it has brainwashed generation after generation and thus slowly but surely spread its influence through all the major opinion making and shaping institutions. John Maynard Keynes wrote a long time ago that “Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually slaves of some defunct economist.” Tens of millions, mostly young men and women, are now intellectual slaves of dead philosophers’ ideas most of them can’t even understand properly, much less know where they come from, but they sort of sound cool and worthy.

Over the course of a century or so we have swung from one extreme of the triumphalist school of history, with its tales of steady progress and improvement being universally taught at schools and universities, to the other extreme of the dismal school of history, which sees the past and present as stained with blood and condemned by suffering, being the dominant theme in education. If the old school could see no wrong, the new one sees no right. Of the two extremes, the Whig school of history is arguably healthier for a society than the Marxist one, but a realistic balance is the best. We have swapped the rose-tinted glasses for the dark ones, where what we really need are clear glasses that help us see better. History is neither exclusively a happy progression nor a never-ending tragedy. It’s a bit of both: there is plenty of horror and misery but there is also progress and betterment as a result of humanity’s moral growth and ingenuity.

The current crop of protesters, rioters, vandals and statue topplers – as well as the not-so-silent minority that supports them from the sidelines (including large parts of the media and the political establishment, albeit more from opportunism and a false sense of solidarity rather than any deep ideological convictions) – will have none of that. It’s not that some aspects as bad and can be improved; all of it is bad. Don’t mend it – can’t mend it – end it. Resulting in profound garbage like this:

Real socialism has never been tried (so the excuse goes). It’s always somebody else’s fault that it doesn’t work. But this time it will be different.

They never learn, in large part because they never teach them. If the education system was turning out a generation where a majority thought that white race is superior to others or that the Sun revolves around the Earth, it would be an unimaginable scandal (and rightly so); but only it’s turning out a majority who think that our society is beyond help and socialism is a great idea, so it’s apparently all OK. The consequences are increasingly out there for everyone to see, and it’s not pretty.