A skirt, too short on memory


Sarah Iannarone is likely to be elected the next mayor of Portland on November 3.

The incumbent, Democrat Ted Wheeler, is trailing 29 to Iannarone’s 40 per cent in the latest opinion poll. Wheeler, of course, is the spineless appeaser who for the past few months allowed his city to burn as part of BLM/Antifa “peaceful protests”, so perhaps his declining popularity is not that difficult to explain.

The problem, however, is that Iannarone is challenging Wheeler from the left.

Iannarone, who holds a bachelor degree in urban planning and sustainability, has run against Wheeler in 2016, and again in a non-partisan primary election in May this year, where Wheeler trounced her, getting more than twice the vote. But now the tables have turned.

Here’s the likely next mayor at a recent event:


Notice the trendy skirt with Che Guevara and Chairman Mao. As if the cult of the violent communist Che was not bad enough – and yes, he was ruggedly handsome and charismatic so at least you can understand the juvenile leftist infatuation – Mao Zedong is the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, outpacing even Stalin, much less Hitler. Around 60 million murdered and worked and starved to death, combined with a total denial of human rights, made for some horror three decades of Chinese history, but hey, he was an anti-fascist too (even in if reality he mostly let the Nationalists bleed themselves dry against the Japanese occupiers while watching from the back seat and waiting for his post-war opportunity). And now, he is a fashion – and a political – statement. Iannarone’s campaign manager, by the way, describes himself as a “communist”.

One-party city-states like Portland deserve everything they get. Portland has not had a Republican mayor since 1956 (except for brief one-year interlude in 1980 by a “maverick” Republican). Wheeler has presided over the recent decline and lawlessness, but in response the good burghers of the city will likely elect a candidate much further to the left than him (to quote one of her local supporters she retweeted, “I used to support Ted Wheeler when he was State Treasurer. But, he has been a huge failure in protecting Portlanders from the Police. He owns the brutality.” People who are voting for Iannarone think that the police are the problem in Portland).

She might be wearing a skirt, but they are asking for it.