Any monument will do


When you’re raging for a political cause, anything will do as a target for your righteous rage. In the United States, all sorts of innocuous political and religious monuments have been vandalised over the past few months in the BLM/Antifa protests, including those of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, war memorials and Saint Junipero Serra.  Now in Warsaw, a statue of President Ronald Reagan has been defaced during protests against the tightening of abortion laws. Whatever your views on this contentious issue are, a sculpture of Reagan delivering his famous “Berlin Wall” speech seems hardly relevant.


From top to bottom, the Great Seal of the United has been crossed in red and then smashed with yellow paint, a slogan “PRO ABO” (pro abortion) has been spray-painted, followed by “chuj”, which is a more vulgar Polish version of “dick” or “cock”, with eight stars grouped in five and three on the bottom of the plinth, which in turn stand for “Jebaj PiS” or “Fuck PiS”, the latter being the governing conservative-nationalist party.

The monument, unveiled in 2011 by Lech Walesa, is situated in an otherwise peaceful park opposite the American embassy in Warsaw. Followed vandalism, it has been quickly cleaned and restored to the original state. Nevertheless the incident illustrates that in the thirty years since regaining sovereignty and independence, Poland has absorbed through the usual channels many elements of Western politics. I guess it makes the country “normal”, like any other developed democracy.

Again, not surprisingly, when the News From Poland service linked to the news report on its Facebook page, soon the comments section was dominated by mostly Westerners leftsplaining to Poles what a horrible person the man who supported Solidarity and helped bring the Soviet empire to a largely peaceful end really was:


The Cold War seems so long ago now that the Woke War is all the rage.